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The Value of Saying No

Late one evening, while having a difficult time winding down and falling asleep from a long day, I realized just how overwhelmed I really was. I was determined to slow my thoughts down, try to achieve some focus and become aware again. This was not easy at first, but...

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Finding Balance in Frustrating Moments

When dealing with a frustrating moment the other day, I was amazed at how quickly my mood changed. It occurred to me that no matter how mindful I feel I may be, something had set me off and the outlook on my day completely shifted. I recognized that I had to spend...

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Boundaries are Guidelines Not Walls

One morning, I received a text from a good friend. After reading her message, I experienced both disappointment and happiness at the same time. So, to share with you the backstory, earlier in the week we had made plans to get together as we had both been quite busy...

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The Value of Meditation

I remember the first time I met a person who practiced daily meditation that wasn’t a yoga instructor, or an energy healer. At the Oncology Center where I used to work, our manager announced that an Integrative Medicine coordinator would be hired to contribute to the...

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